My unique Organic Amla Blend has been formulated for those who are looking for a natural, organic Vitamin C supplement.🌟 This is an organic formulation which synergistically blends Amla, blueberries, rose hips, lemon peel and black pepper, to provide a strong antioxidant boost.🍋✨

Each ingredient holds a plethora of wonderful properties 💛 for example…

✨ Amla Fruit is high in Vitamin C, bioflavonoids and polyphenols as well as an abundance of other co-nutrients.
✨ Blueberries are naturally rich in the antioxidants Vitamin C and E.
✨ Rosehips are naturally rich in Vitamin C, phenolic compounds and fatty acids.
✨ Lemon Peel is naturally rich in calcium, potassium, polyphenols and flavonoids.
✨ Studies suggest that Black Pepper may increase the bioavailability and absorption of certain nutrients.

Each glass bottle contains 60 capsules and each capsule typically provides: 300mg Organic Amla, 200mg Organic Blueberry, 20mg Organic Rosehip, 15mg Organic Lemon Peel and 2mg Organic Black Pepper.

*PLEASE NOTE – this product is unadulterated, fully traceable, organically certified by the Soil Association (UK) and conveniently encased in a #Vegan capsule.🌱