/ Morning Rituals- Hot Water and Lemon

Morning Rituals- Hot Water and Lemon

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Hot water and Lemon
Sometimes the smallest and simplest changes we make on our journey to wellbeing have the greatest influence on our health. Hydrating yourself is a powerful way to start your day and today I am going to share an old Ayurvedic gem with you all. Drinking warm lemon water is a morning ritual I have been following since I was 12 years of age. 🌟 💛
  1. Add the ingredients into a jug and enjoy!
Recipe Notes

Drink first thing in the morning before breakfast. Also, make sure you rinse your mouth with plain water after drinking to avoid the citric acid damaging your teeth.

My top tips...
🍋Look for lemons which are fully ripe and heavy. Lemons that give slightly under pressure and are heavier are usually juicier.
🍋Fully ripe lemons are yellow, have a thin skin with no green tinge to them.
🍋Avoid overly mature lemons which have a wrinkly skin or are dull in colour.
🍋It is always best to use fresh organic lemons as the commercially produced juices which are available in a bottle may contain preservatives and sulphites. Non-organic lemons often have a wax coating to help protect their surface and increase their shelf life.

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