My Journey

It was during my clinical training as a nutritional therapist that I embarked on a quest to discover a high-quality organic whole root turmeric powder. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would find a turmeric powder that would match the quality of the powder that was found in the store cupboards of my family. As it turns out, I found an incredibly fragrant organic turmeric that not only met my exacting standards but was in fact superior to the product that we used in my childhood household! I knew that I had uncovered something quite special in this turmeric and felt that I had to share it with others in the profession.

I introduced it to my professional network of nutritional therapists, fellow lecturers and herbalists who were equally enthused by my findings. They encouraged me to utilise my knowledge of Western and Eastern herbs and spices and combine it with the synergistic properties of the turmeric, turning my passion for nutrition and wellbeing into a product and ultimately a business. Although I had no desire to become known as the ‘Turmeric Lady,’ I knew that my products and my professional expertise would provide me with a platform to help others and to support the charitable causes that I am so passionate about. 

These experiences have led me here: to the inception of Surya Prana Nutrition. On my journey so far, I have found not only a high-quality turmeric but many other products of exceptional quality which I hope to share with all of you. As I continue on this journey, I hope to do it with people like you by my side. People who are as passionate about organic, natural and nutritious food as I am. People who share in the social and environmental conscience that we live by at Surya Prana Nutrition.

I hope you come to love my Surya Prana products as much as I do!




We are proud to have our products certified by the largest organic certifying body in the UK, The Soil Association. We will never use any artificial colours, preservatives, flavours or excipients. By using organic ingredients in our products, synthetic processes harmful to our environment ecosystem and bodies can be avoided, allowing our community to enjoy products which are kinder to us and our planet.


Kay believes that food should be prepared with love and good feeling in order to encourage positive energy. With this in mind she is committed to creating a range of plant-based products which have caused no harm to any living beings and are kinder to our planet.
Surya Prana Nutrition products are never tested on animals and we will only source ingredients from suppliers who are equally committed to our values.


Surya Prana Nutrition was founded with the intention of creating a platform which will enable us to help others. We are committed to using our platform to engage with the wider community.
Each Surya Prana Nutrition product sold will help to generate funds for local environmental and community projects and other charitable organisations.